One-Day Workshop Program

Reconstructing the Inter-generational Workplace

Are you tired of dealing with labor shortages, losing valuable talent, and employees that bounce in and out of your organization? Have you deal with:

  • Quiet Quitting?
  • Employee Ghosting?
  • Worker Apathy?

These are some of the biggest talent issues facing organizations today: finding and retaining talent in the workplace.

With all of the funds spent to find, recruit, interview, and on-board employees, it makes sense that employers want to ensure that the talent they chose and hired actually stays. While job-hopping is the new reality, employees who are happy will still stay at their jobs for up to five years as long as their needs are met.

What are those needs? Today’s workers want to:

  • Feel heard
  • Be appreciated and valued
  • Understand the exact requirements of their job description
  • Honor their lives outside of work
  • See growth and possible career paths

A one-day workshop to help them understand the first three bullet-points goes a long way to retaining valuable talent.

The problem with the various solutions that have been tried over the years is that they are “one time” commitments. There’s one reason that retreats, team-building exercises, onboarding presentations, and employee surveys don’t work: it’s because change doesn’t happen all at once, or in a short period of time.

What’s needed is a concerted effort to look at the issues, address them, and find solutions. And then have a continuous, ongoing program to ensure that the change actually happens.

There have been consultants in this area for a few years, advising clients on how to best work with Millennial and Gen Z talent. (And they typically charge $15,000/day!)

Janet Granger

Speaker & Trainer

One-Day Workshop Program

Reconstructing the Inter-generational Workplace

This program is designed to work, not just throw money at the problem and assume (or hope) that it will go away. This potent combination of workshop and ongoing follow-up is the best way to:

  • Highlight the issue, so it’s not in denial (your employees and managers will appreciate this!)
  • Show that you, as an employer, care about finding solutions
  • Effect REAL change, especially when people are typically resistant to change

Interested in talking about this and finding a REAL, long-lasting solution?

One of my clients says it best...

“Janet conducted two workshops for my company. One focused on a group of leaders (executives, VPs, and department heads). The other focused on a group of social media account managers. Janet further tailored these workshops with our unique company culture and needs in mind.” 

“She – and the information she presented – had a great impact on the executives. More than a year later, I still refer back to information that Janet shared. I am so glad to have contracted with Janet for these two valuable learning sessions, which satisfied a company need and have had a lasting impact. I wouldn’t hesitate to request to work with Janet again.” 

-Director of Marketing, Int’l Nonprofit