What are some different marketing jobs?

What are some different marketing jobs?

What are some different marketing jobs?

Hi, I’m Janet Granger answering your marketing questions. This question is: what are the types of marketing jobs that are available?

There are some online marketing jobs you probably already know about, such as working in social media – they post on social media, posting on Instagram, on Twitter, on Linkedin, on Facebook, etc.

There are web designers – people who create and design websites, people who program websites.There are even people who buy on Google – they do ad buying so they’re special Google specialists in what’s called Adwords.

But there are other marketing jobs too that you may not know about. 

Think about people who do videos or drone videos – that are creating those and editing them and perfecting them for people to use. 

Think about still photographers who take pictures, think about graphic designers we’re doing the graphics and the designs that you see in everything from products and packaging to the ads themselves. 

There are SEO specialists (that’s Search Engine Optimization specialists) and they help browsers, like Google, find websites; it’s a way to optimize your website so that Google and other search engines can find it and raise your Google authority.

There are media buyers – people who buy media for a living where ads are placed. 

There are brand managers at larger organizations. There are product managers at larger organizations, content producers, and writers. 

There are email managers who send out emails, create emails, manage email lists. There are list managers who help you find good prospective buyers, or clients for your products.

There are CRM managers (CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management). So once you have people who’ve bought a product or service, you want to nurture them over time to maybe sell them other products over time. You want to understand all the people that you’ve reached out to who might be a potential client or prospect for you. That’s what a CRM platform helps you do.

There are event planners and managers. 

There are lead generation managers – that’s typically in the business-to-business market. 

There are marketing automation specialists – these are people who set up email funnels so that emails are spaced out and bring people from the awareness phase down to the purchasing phase.

Once you get started in marketing you’ll see that there are lots of different jobs and there’s a wide range of opportunities for people who have very different talents and specialties, from being a graphic designer to being a writer of content to being great at tech.

These are the different types of marketing jobs.

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