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What is Marketing Career Mentor?

Every person has their genius™ 

We provide “online mentoring” to answer your questions about difficult topics and situations at work. The mentoring advice you need, when you need it.

  • Hear specific talk tracks for conversations with your manager, and others on your team.
  • Learn how to deal with stressful topics like promotions, raises, and personal conflict.
  • Swap stories with other marketers about what they are dealing with and learn from their experiences.
  • Discover career advice from marketing executives and find out how they grew their careers.
  • Monthly online networking with marketing executives.

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Here's how Marketing Career Mentor helps:

Here's what you get as a member

Video Content Library

We collect the most-asked questions and answer them, giving you customized mentoring for where you are on your career journey.

Marketing Hot Zone

A marketing community to ask questions about your situation and hear what others are experiencing.

Monthly Online Networking

Mingle and table-hop with peers and executives.

Mastermind Groups

Join a monthly Mastermind group to share ideas and challenges and get advice from your peers.

Executive Interviews

Every month, we talk to experienced marketers about how they got to where they are, and ask for their advice to younger marketers.

Weekly Office Hours

“Ask Janet Anything” about challenges with your boss or team mates.

Blogs & Resources

Access curated resources, tools and guides to help you advance your knowledge.

Industry Influencers

A curated list of 50 Influencers to know and follow on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Make a Difference

Your membership helps contribute to wildlife and environmental organizations.

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How it works

1. Pick your Journey

Pick where you are on the marketing journey - Student, 1st Job or Climbing the Ladder.

2. Join

Create a FREE account to unlock important coaching and get access to exclusive content created specifically for your marketing journey.

3. Grow your career

Grow your career by getting the advice you need and connect with other professionals.

Where are you on your marketing career journey?

I'm still in school/college

Find out if a career in marketing is right for you. Get honest answers to everything they don’t tell you about marketing in the real world. Get answers to questions like:

  • What is a marketing career and is it right for me?
  • What courses should I take?
  • How do I prepare?
  • How do I get my first job?

I'm in my first job and have some experience

You are at the beginning of your marketing career – in your first or second job. Now it’s time to get the answers on how to crush your job and grow with a team. Get answers to questions like: 

  • How do I deal with co-worker issues?
  • How do I know if I’m doing well?
  • How do I deal with my manager?
  • When do I ask for a promotion?

I'm climbing the career ladder and have several years experience

You’re ready to take your career to the next level. Get answers, guidance and coaching from experienced marketing experts. Get answers to questions like:

  • What’s my career goal?
  • Should I get an MBA?
  • What does a corporate career look like?
  • What job titles should I look for?

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