How to Turbocharge Your Marketing Career

February 11, 2022

We received rave reviews for our panel on marketing careers so we’re sharing the video for those who couldn’t attend. If you weren’t there, you missed the online networking (we can’t recreate that) so be sure to attend next time to meet the panelists and others!

Here’s a quick recap and the link:

First, we introduce the amazing panel:

Tara Thomas (Moderator) CEO of The Meeting Pool, has produced hundreds of in-person and online events, and is well-known throughout the events industry.

Patrick Cava Vice President of Marketing at Plutoshift

Megan Piggott Dir. Of Marketing at Marine Industries Assoc. of South Florida (MIASF)

Kemya Scott, Owner, Marketing Consultant, Social Media Manager, Marketing Sparkler

Tara asks each panelist about their “origin” story: how did they get into marketing? Why do they like marketing?

It’s fascinating to hear the three different paths to “getting into” marketing, such as interning. The panelists also shared their experiences with receiving mentoring and coaching, and how helpful it is to have an “advocate” helping you move forward.

Tara asks everyone to share the “misconceptions” that they had, and that others have, about the field of marketing and having a marketing job. As Tara notes, many people think that it’s glamorous.

Small businesses have a different perception of what marketing is, such as creating “viral ideas” and the vast amount of research and writing that is involved. “I can’t even tell you how much research and reading and time we spend learning things that are invisible to the end user,” Kemya notes.

Another misconception, Patrick says, is that “if you have a great product, you really don’t need marketing.” Even when you have a great product, “it’s important to share the value of it and communicate that it exists – especially in the B2B market.”

What keeps these marketers up at night? Megan shares that, for her, it’s figuring out “that next great idea.” It takes “many hours and many drafts” to create something new and different. “Challenging the status quo and thinking outside the box” takes a lot of effort and hard work.

Listen to what these marketers have to say about all these topics and more; and learn how to move forward in your career in marketing!