Interview with Nick Wolny – Business & Marketing Strategist, Hefty Media Group

January 21, 2022

I had the privilege of interviewing Nick Wolny about how he got into marketing and why he’s an email evangelist. You can see or listen to the interview here.

If you prefer to hear or read the highlights, here they are:

0:33     Nick shares that he is a contributor for Entrepreneur magazine, Business Insider, Fast Company, who helps online entrepreneurs and business professionals to build their businesses through writing.

1:21     The importance of using words effectively to getting your message across.

2:20     Email is so old-school – talk about why you are bullish on emails

2:42     Nick started out with mom-and-pop fitness studios – brick & mortar multiple locations

3:07     Because of waivers signed over the years, they had 60,000 names – and weren’t using them! And for “off line” businesses, this was common – having an asset database that’s not being used effectively.

4:00     While email can seem “so 2000’s,” it’s one of the most powerful forms of marketing with regard to return-on-investment.

4:48     The opportunity for automation and repurposing older content (“evergreen content”) to new subscribers.

6:40     Nick shares his own career path.

7:00     Nick went to music school for classical music! Classically trained French horn.

7:38     Experience in retail, the “business school I never had.” Including supply and demand, good customer service, hiring people, firing people. “Real time boot camp.”

8:00     Worked as a Regional Manager for a multiple-location yoga studio, taking retail experience and moving it to this business. He migrated towards marketing.

8:47     Developing content is similar to studying music or playing a sport: a lot of focus is on developing a skill and technique, and developing creativity. Practice, practice, practice.

9:00     Enjoyed the practicing, being strategic, and having a plan, and the power of marketing.

10:15   People think too much about what they want to say, especially in practicing social media. In marketing, it’s important to think more about what the audience wants to hear or see.

11:20   Think more about what your audience wants and needs to hear.

12:03   What content works on Tiktok? See what’s working and learn why. That works across all channels.

14:07   Thinking about shareability: why would someone share your content with their audience? Because it says something about themselves.

15:07   How can you create content that people want to share, so they can say something about themselves? That’s a sweet spot!

15:48   Writing quickly and well is a great skill to develop. Even if you’re uncomfortable with it at first. It’s a skill you can develop over time.

16:40   Even in Slack, with internal communications, writing can be extremely helpful in a career.

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