Marketers deserve mentoring

October 25, 2021

Imagine you’re at your first marketing job. Whether you’re in digital marketing, small business marketing, working for an agency, or in a larger organization, welcome to the marketing journey.

If you started recently, you probably started working online – all by yourself, isolated from the rest of the team or organization. Or maybe you met your team and boss in-person and go into an office or shared space.

No matter what your circumstances, you were nervous to begin, everything was new, you didn’t even understand half of what people were saying. Over time, you got used to the lingo and put your head down and did the work.

And now you have questions: about how to be successful at work – about how to handle difficult situations and conversations – and how to navigate working with a team, and reporting to a boss. 

There are dozens of courses focused on building digital marketing skills. But not much on how to work on a team. How to manage your boss. How to know you’re doing well and how to deal with all the interpersonal situations that come up at work.

Unless you know an older or more experienced person at your company, or have a great relationship with someone who has taken you under their wing, you’re on your own.  

Our focus, at Marketing Career Manager, is on YOU.

  • How can you be successful in your job?
  • How do you know if you’re doing well?
  • How do you manage a difficult issue with someone on your team?
  • When can you expect a promotion or a raise?

Hi, I’m Janet Granger, founder, author, and digital marketing strategist. I’ve been working in marketing for over 25 years – and I’ve watched marketers, who are just starting out, struggle with new jobs, new responsibilities, new roles, and working on a team.

I’ve been mentoring marketers for over 10 years – and I’m delighted to share the advice I’ve given – as well as share the advice of other marketing executives, about how they navigated their careers.

This is the place where you can find answers to your questions and be supported by a community. You can network with others, meet marketing executives, access helpful career resources – and know that, throughout your journey, you’re also making a difference in the world through donations to the environment and wildlife.

Let’s get started. Look around the site, join a community discussion, and begin.