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Marketing Career Mentor Launches Global Community for Marketing Professionals

Career planning, networking, expert advice, and peer connection & coaching resource designed for students to senior executives

FT LAUDERDALE, Florida – Nov 18, 2021 – Marketing Career Mentor today announced the wide launch of its new career-driven, interactive content community for marketing professionals.  The site is designed to give marketers, from college students all the way through to senior executives, a place to connect, share, discuss and find solutions to navigate a career dedicated to all things marketing. 

The online hub is designed specifically for professionals in areas including brand, product, research, MarCom, demand gen, operations, field, events and more.  “Marketers have never been under more pressure to conceptualize product, drive sales and revenue, and to live and breathe the mission and vision of companies large and small — and they can use all the help they can get,” said Jerry Bernhart, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Recruiter.    

In the summer of 2021, U.S. job openings soared to 9.3 million, setting records.  Part of this equation is the segment of younger marketers struggling to balance work and home life, as well as feeling disengaged, as a result of the pandemic.  And, as more workers globally contemplate which career move is right for them, or struggle to deal with a difficult corporate culture or conflict with co-workers or senior managers, a member community tailored for marketers could be an ideal destination for thousands of stressed professionals to leverage.

The mobile-friendly Marketing Career Mentor features:

  • Career planning, with discussions on corporate and agency roles and marketing position possibilities
  • General and specific coaching to learn the soft-skills needed to be successful in current jobs and future roles
  • Career journey examples from successful marketing executives
  • Practical advice and talk tracks to deal with stressful situations, such as a difficult boss or team mate
  • Digital discussions on tech tools, the marketing stack, and staying current on platforms and required skills
  • An online forum where marketers can network live monthly and “talk shop” with peers, about the best tools, the results they are seeing, and trends that are emerging
  • Open “Office Hours” with senior professionals to get live answers to pressing questions
  • Content designed specifically for students and early-career marketers

Marketing Career Mentor is the brainchild of Janet Granger, a lifelong marketer at companies including Pitney Bowes, The Danbury Mint and Nielsen, who has become a noted speaker and author of books, including OK Boomer, Revelations of a Baby Boomer Working with Millennials, about building strong workplace relationships for multi-generational teams.  As her books hit the market, Granger began to receive requests for mentoring from marketers experiencing issues with team dynamics and communications, and from younger workers seeking expert advice for the next phase of their career. 

“We’ve heard so much in the press about The Big Quit, job dissatisfaction and how to design your next career phase,” noted Janet Granger.  “Marketers today are stressed and dealing with a range of exploding issues from internal teams, clients, supply chains and more.  We created Marketing Career Mentor to provide easy access to a community and content that supports marketers when they need it.  From a listening ear, to practical solutions, to mentoring and coaching from skilled execs, to networking events, this is a place to get answers, connect, and to begin or reignite your love for the field of marketing.”

Kirill Kniazev, a Director of Marketing noted “As an experienced marketer, I wish I’d had this platform early on in my career.  I’ll be pointing my entire team to this, to help them navigate not only their career, but their thinking on day-to-day decisions that define what we do.”

Marketing Career Mentor is live and available now.  Memberships are available at no cost for 14 days (use code FREEPASS at checkout), and then begin at a small monthly fee for participation.  Visit to learn more, and follow Marketing Career Mentor on LinkedIn.

About Marketing Career Mentor
Marketing Career Mentor is an online career-focused platform, featuring interactive content and an engaged, online community for marketing professionals.  The site is designed to give marketers and students a place to connect, share, discuss and find solutions to navigate a career dedicated to all things marketing.  For more information, visit www.Marketing Career

About Janet Granger
Janet Granger, MBA is a noted author of Digital Influence for Baby Boomers: Why you should care and yes, you can do this! (2016) and OK Boomer! Revelations of a Baby Boomer Working with Millennials (2020). Janet is a marketing strategist, author, and speaker and has over 25 years of marketing and strategy experience. Janet leads a marketing consultant agency in Fort Lauderdale, FL and has experience working at Fortune 500 companies (Pitney Bowes and Nielsen) as well as nonprofits (Save the Children) and SMB’s. She also worked in new product development and program marketing and management at the Danbury Mint. Janet has an MBA in Marketing and Management from Columbia University.