What are some examples of marketing in everyday life?

What are some examples of marketing in everyday life?

What are some examples of marketing in everyday life?

Hi, I’m Janet Granger and I’m answering the question – what is marketing? |What are examples of marketing in everyday life?

I touched on this a little bit in talking about the different industries where marketing exists. Basically, any time someone is reaching out to you or communicating to you, that’s an example of marketing. So advertising is just one small part of marketing; you’re bombarded with thousands and thousands of marketing messages a day, even though you may not be aware of that. 

It might be an email from a company that you purchased from, that got your email address and they’re sending you a coupon or a reminder, or they’re telling you about a special event that’s happening. Emails are part of marketing.

It might be watching an influencer’s video.If you watch videos on YouTube or on Instagram or on Facebook, for example, if they show off a product that they like or that they use, that’s marketing. They’re trying to show you how that particular product might be perfect for you to use. 

There are marketing messages everywhere. Think of ads on buses, on billboards, on cars. Anytime you see a sign, basically that’s marketing. Even the product packaging that holds things is marketing.

If you’re eating from a box of cereal, that box of cereal has marketing messages on it. Packaging is considered part of marketing. When you walk into a store and you see displays that are there, that have the product in it, those point of purchase displays, that’s considered part of branding and marketing.

So once you’ve recognized what marketing is, you start to see it everywhere and you’ll realize that it really is part of the fabric of our life – within the U.S. at least. I’m Janet Granger answering the question – what are examples of marketing in everyday life?

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