What are some examples of marketing in various industries?

What are some examples of marketing in various industries?

What are some examples of marketing in different industries?

Hi, I’m Janet Granger and I’m answering your questions about marketing. 

Today’s question is – what are some examples of marketing in different industries? 

I’m going to answer that by saying marketing is everywhere! People often confuse advertising with marketing – advertising is just a small part of what marketing is. 

Basically, marketing is the process of reaching out to potential customers, understanding what their problems are, what their issues are, and  how you help solve their problems if you’re marketing to them. 

Understanding the best way to go about doing that is understanding your customers well enough to know what the right message is, to hit them at the right time, and in the right place. 

That’s essentially what marketing is. 

Now, different industries where there’s marketing…pretty much any industry you can think of has marketing in it. From the automobile industry to pharmaceuticals; think about gaming, shoes, clothing, electronics, Spotify, alcoholic beverages, water, soda/pop (or whatever you call it), tattoos, haircuts… 

Anything, as a product or service that’s out there, has a person who’s offering that product or service who has thought about marketing, which is getting the right message to you at the right place and at the right time so that it resonates with you, as a user, consumer, client, or customer. 

When you start to recognize what the ad part of it is, you can’t unsee it anymore. You recognize ads on YouTube, you recognize ads on Spotify that interrupt (if you’re not paying for Spotify). 

There are billboards on the road, magazines, newspapers, commercials on tv (if you’re watching regular television), ads on Instagram, ads on Facebook. and there are even people marketing to you in places like TikTok. 

I hope that helps answer the question – what are some examples of marketing in different industries. I’m Janet Granger and feel free to share this if you find it interesting.

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